April 1, 2015

Agnes from Sweden writes: 

Hi Scott, Im a big fan of yours :) <3

I think you are a very talented and a gifted actor.

I love Queer As Folk and have watched it many times. :)

My question for you is: Are you married? Have you children?

And then I also wonder, how your "dream girl" is supposed to be like.

And I also wonder,

September 15, 2014 2

Mikey writes: 

It’s been 9 years and you still get QAF related questions how does that makey ou feel?

Well, Mikey it’s incredibly flattering and gratifying.  It’s such a rare gift as an actor to get involved with a project that lives on and on and touches so many people’s lives.  I mean … just look at the following messages.  …

July 1, 2014

Joanne writes:

Hi Scott. I have recently started rewatching QAF, thanks to Netflix. I findthe show as timely and relavant as the first time I watched it.(faithfully). Thinking of a question for you is difficult, so instead, Iwould like you to know that QAF, The Movie, would be something huge for allof the fans of the show. …

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